"la Caixa" - Severo Ochoa International PhD Programme at the IFT


The Institute for Theoretical Physics UAM-CSIC, Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence, and the Autónoma University of Madrid open three fellowships for exceptional candidates to carry out a PhD thesis at the IFT.

Within its International PhD Programme, "la Caixa" Foundation awards several PhD scholarships to research centres distinguished with the Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence award. The 2015 call envisages providing full support to three such scholarships at the IFT.

Dr. Guillermo Ballesteros is visiting us

Dr. Guillermo Ballesteros is visiting the IFT for the period January 19th to March 20th, 2015. His office number is 305.

His research interests are:
- Cosmology, large scale structure of the universe, linear and non-linear cosmological perturbation theory, dark energy, effective field theories, inflation, gravitational waves.

Dr. Beatrice Murdaca is visiting us

Dr. Beatrice Murdaca from Università della Calabria, Italy is visiting the IFT for the period January 8th to February 26th, 2015. Her office number is 214.

Her research interests are:
- Generalized non-forward BFKL equation; study of physical cross section in NLO BFKL; collinear improvement of the BFKL kernel; Lipatov's high energy effective action.

Dr. Daniel E. López Fogliani is visiting us

Dr. Daniel E. López Fogliani from Buenos Aires Physics Institute (IFIBA-CONICET) is visiting the IFT for the period January 12th to February 5th, 2015. His office number is 111.

His research interests are:
- Supersymmetric Standard Model, Collider signatures, dark matter, neutrino physics

Ramón y Cajal (fixed-term faculty)

The IFT expects to have one or more openings for 5-year fixed-term positions under the Ramon y Cajal (RyC) program of the Spanish government. Candidates must apply directly to the Spanish science ministry on Ministry official call.
Deadline: 2015 January 20th 15:00 pm (UTC/GMT + 1 h ).

PhD Courses 2014-15

The UAM PhD Programme in Theoretical Physics offers courses on advanced research topics in Particle Physics and Cosmology to the students enrolled in the programme. The schedule is organised jointly with the IFT UAM-CSIC. All courses are run on an informal basis: attendance is free, no grades are given, and all IFT and FT-UAM members are welcome to participate.

Introduction to Research in Elementary Particles and Cosmology 2014-15

This is a series of short presentations, aimed primarily at students of the Elementary Particles and Cosmology branch of the UAM Master in Theoretical Physics. The speakers will discuss the research lines pursued at the Department of Theoretical Physics and the IFT UAM-CSIC, and introduce the staff involved in each of them.

Students are encouraged to participate actively and gather useful information for their choice of MSc Thesis topic, as well as for their research career opportunities. All IFT and FT-UAM members are welcome to attend.

El Sloan Digital Sky Survey saca a la luz una nueva perspectiva del cielo.

Los más de 100 Terabytes de datos, denominados "Data Release 12", contienen información sobre 470 millones de estrellas y galaxias, lo que constituye una de las bases de datos más grandes y completas de la historia de la Astronomía. El grupo UAM/IFT de MultiDark es miembro de SDSS.

Dr. Alberto Ramos is visiting us

Dr. Alberto Ramos from CERN is visiting the IFT for the period from December 19th 2014 to January 9th 2015. His office number is 401.

His research interest are:
- Mainly strongly coupled quantum field theories, non-perturbative phenomena and lattice gauge theory.

Best wishes for 2015

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