Best wishes for 2015

Ramón y Cajal (fixed-term faculty)

The IFT expects to have one or more openings for 5-year fixed-term positions under the Ramon y Cajal (RyC) program of the Spanish government. Candidates must apply directly to the Spanish science ministry on Ministry official call.
Deadline: 2015 January 25th 15:00 pm (UTC/GMT + 1 h )..

Videos of the Conference Series at Residencia de Estudiantes, now in Youtube

Videos of the Conference Series at Residencia de Estudiantes, now in Youtube

The videos of the conferences (in spanish) by IFT members during the Madrid Week of Science are now available at the IFT Youtube channel

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Dr. María Eugenia Cabrera is visiting us

Dr. María Eugenia Cabrera from the University of São Paulo is visiting the IFT for the period from December 12th 2014 to January 21st 2015. Her office number is 316.

Her research interests are:
- Phenomenology of Beyond Standard Model Physics

Joint press release from all the Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence

IFTLogoThe “La Caixa” Foundation stands firm in its commitment to research.
15 million euros for hiring the best young talent in Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence.

The 18 research centres accredited with the Severo Ochoa seal of excellence have convoked the third edition of the “La Caixa” - Severo Ochoa International PhD Fellowships Programme. This initiative, funded by the “La Caixa” Foundation, will enable 46 students to be taken on to study their doctoral thesis projects for the next four years.

20th IFT Xmas Workshop

20th edition of the traditional IFT Christmas Workshop covering the most recent news in Particle Physics, String Theory, Astroparticles, Cosmology and Condensed Matter.

The workshop will be held at the Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT) in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), on December 10-12, 2014.

Live talk streaming:
more information:

Dr. Miguel Ángel Sánchez Conde is visiting us

IFTLogoDr. Miguel Ángel Sánchez Conde from the Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics, Stockholm University is visiting the IFT for the period from December 9th to 19th, 2014. His office number is 104.

His research interest are:
- Gamma-ray dark matter searches
- Axion searches
- Diffuse gamma-ray backgrounds
- Formation/evolution of CDM halos
- CDM halo substructure
-N-body cosmological simulations
- Large Scale Structure of the Univer

José L.F. Barbón, miembro del IFT, ha publicado el libro "Los agujeros negros" en la Editorial CSIC


Se trata de un libro de divulgación científica, dirigido al público general, en el que se explican en un lenguaje accesible las fascinantes propiedades de estos objetos y su importancia en los fundamentos de la Física.

Más información:

"la Caixa" - Severo Ochoa International PhD Programme at the IFT


The Institute for Theoretical Physics UAM-CSIC, Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence, and the Autónoma University of Madrid open three fellowships for exceptional candidates to carry out a PhD thesis at the IFT.

Within its International PhD Programme, "la Caixa" Foundation awards several PhD scholarships to research centres distinguished with the Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence award. The 2015 call envisages providing full support to three such scholarships at the IFT.

Dr. Martin Hentschinski is visiting us

Dr. Martin Hentschinski from the Institute of Nuclear Science at the Universidad Autónoma Nacional de México is visiting the IFT for the period from November 24th to December 5th, 2014. His office number is 315.

His research interest are:
- The phenomenology of strong interactions, in particular the high energy limit of QCD and related theories, and the physics case of a future Electron Ion Collider

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