El Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT) UAM-CSIC fue creado oficialmente en 2003 como un centro mixto perteneciente al Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) y a la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Es el único centro Español dedicado íntegramente a la investigación en Física Teórica. En el IFT se trabaja en la frontera de la Física de Partículas Elementales, Astropartículas y Cosmología, con el objetivo de entender las claves fundamentales de la Naturaleza y del Universo. Sus investigadores lideran numerosos proyectos de investigación en el ámbito tanto nacional como internacional. El IFT forma parte de la línea estratégica `Física Teórica y Matemáticas´ del Campus de Excelencia Internacional (CEI) UAM+CSIC establecido en 2009. Desde 2012, está acreditado como Centro de Excelencia Severo Ochoa. Además de la actividad puramente científica, en el IFT se realiza una intensa tarea de formación de jóvenes investigadores y profesionales a través del programa de postgrado en Física Teórica con Mención de Excelencia del CEI y del Ministerio de Educación. También se lleva a cabo una importante labor de transferencia de conocimiento a la sociedad a través de diversos programas de divulgación.

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Postdoctoral Positions

IFTLogoThe Institute of Theoretical Physics IFT CSIC/UAM welcomes applications to postdoctoral positions under various government-funded programs:

- SO(IFT) postdocs, funded by the Severo Ochoa Excellence Grant. Offering SEVERAL positions with contracts starting October 2015, ranging from 2 years to 2+1 years. Recommended to have PhD before June 30, 2015.

- ERC-SPLE postdocs. Luis Ibáñez ERC Advanced Grant project "String Phenomenology in the LHC Era''.

- ERC-SELFCOMPLETION postdocs. G. Dvali & C. Gómez ERC Advanced Grant project "UV-Completion through Bose-Einstein Condensation: a Quantum Model of Black Holes''.

Deadline for application: December 15th, 2014.

Paco Yndurain colloquium: Brilliant Blunders

TITLE: Brilliant Blunders
Lecturer: Mario Livio from Space Telescope Science Institute
Date: Wednesday, 26 November, 2014 - 15:00
Venue: Faculty of Science (UAM).
Abstract: Even the greatest scientists have made some serious blunders.
"Brilliant Blunders" concerns the evolution of life on Earth, of the Earth
itself, of stars, and of the universe as a whole.
In this talk, I shall concentrate on and analyze major errors committed by
such luminaries as Charles Darwin, Linus Pauling,
and Albert Einstein. I will also scrutinize the various types
of blunders and attempt to identify their causes.
Most importantly, however, I'll argue that blunders are not only
inevitable, ­but rather part and parcel of progress in science and other
creative enterprises.

11th Multidark Consolider Workshop

USC, Santiago de Compostela, 26-28 November, 2014

Up to now science has failed to identify what makes up to 85% of the matter of the Universe. Elucidating the nature of dark matter constitutes a key challenge in modern physics. MultiDark is a Spanish Project supported by the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Programme of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, in which experimental and theoretical physicists, astrophysicists and cosmologists join efforts to take up this task from a multidisciplinary perspective.

More information:

Física de Partículas y Cosmología: la investigación desde el punto de vista teórico y experimental

El IFT imparte el curso para profesores de secundaria, "Física de Partículas y Cosmología: la investigación desde el punto de vista teórico y experimental", coorganizado con el CTIF Madrid Capital y el CIEMAT, de 11 de Noviembre a 4 de Diciembre de 2014. Ponentes: Alberto Casas, David G. Cerdeño, Carlos Pena, Angel Uranga (IFT), Pablo García Abia, Eusebio Sánchez (CIEMAT), Francisco Barradas (Comunidad de Madrid)

Más información:

Alberto Casas in TEDxMadrid: The non-common sense of quantum physics

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Common sense is based on our own experience. The problem is that our direct experience is quite limited. As soon as we go beyond it, common-sense is not a reliable guide anymore. Quantum physics shows, more than any other scientific theory, that the world, as we perceive it, is an optical illusion. The actual reality is far more disturbing and counter-intuitive… but also far more fascinating.

Watch the video here:

CERN Council selects Dr Fabiola Gianotti as next Director General

Geneva, 4 November 2014. At its 173rd Closed Session, CERN Council selected the Italian physicist, Dr Fabiola Gianotti, as the Organization’s next Director-General. The appointment will be formalised at the December session of Council, and Dr Gianotti’s mandate will begin on 1 January 2016 and run for a period of five years.

Dr. Gianotti is member of the IFT Severo Ochoa Scientific Advisory Committee

The IFT organizes a Hands on Particle Physics Masterclass


In the framework of our outreach The IFT organizes a Hands on Particle Physics Masterclass on November 4th, at the IES Ramiro de Maeztu, in downtown Madrid, within the framework of the Madrid Week of Science. In this activity, some 30 High School students will spend 2 hours learning to analyze real data from the LHC experiments to discover the
Higgs particle.

Over 40 IFT outreach talks at High Schools planned for 2014-15

IFTLogoIn the framework of our outreach program, and in collaboration with CPAN, the IFT is organizing more than 40 outreach talks at High Schools in the Madrid area. In these talks, IFT members introduce the main ideas of Particle Physics (the Standard Model, the LHC and the Higgs boson), and Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology (including Dark Matter and Dark Energy). The aim is to promote the research carried out at IFT, foster scientific culture in the young generation, and encourage motivated students to consider undertaking scientific careers.

The IFT outreach committee thanks all IFT members taking part in the program, and encourages others to participate as well.

For more information, see:

Dr. José Daniel Madrigal is visiting us

Dr. José Daniel Madrigal from IPhT CEA Saclay is visiting the IFT for the period from October 31st to November 17th, 2014. His office number is 316.

His research interest are:
- Phenomenology and Formal Aspects of High-Energy QCD, Physics of Heavy-Ion Collisions and Quark-Gluon Plasma

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