Dr. David G. Cerdeño is visiting us Dr. David G. Cerdeño from IPPP, Durham University is visiting the IFT for the period March 27th to April 28th, 2017. His office number is 109. His research interests are focused on dark matter.
Dr. Miguel Zumalacárregui is visiting us Dr. Miguel Zumalacárregui from UC Berkeley is visiting the IFT for the period March 13th to 31st, 2017. His office number is 114. Miguel's research focuses on how cosmological data can be used to test gravity and fundamental physics. He is developing methods to compute cosmological observables in a broad class of gravity theories ( He more recently became interested in gravitational waves and non-linear effects on the large scale structure of the Universe. He also works on formal aspects of classical theories of gravity, including finding general frameworks to construct new classes of viable models.
SO(IFT) Research Associate Dr. Mattias Blennow is visiting us Dr. Mattias Blennow from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, is visiting the IFT for the period March 6th to 10th, 2017. His office number is 201. His research interests are: neutrinos, dark matter, and physics beyond the standard model.
SO(IFT) Research Associate Dr. Masanori Okawa is visiting us Dr. Masanori Okawa from Hiroshima University is visiting the IFT for the period March 2nd to 16th, 2017. His office number is 401. His research interests are: Quantum field theory, especially large scale numerical simulation of Lattice QCD. Twisted space-time reduced model of large N gauge theories.


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