Classical and Stringy Properties of Black Holes

September 14, 2022
11:30am to 1:30pm

Orange Room / ICMAT

Specialist level
David Pereñíguez

Orange Room / ICMAT


This thesis is devoted to the study of dynamical and thermodynamical properties of black holes. Part I considers black holes in the low energy effective actions of string theory. We focus on the HST and study extensively the laws of black hole mechanics. As a main result, we obtain a general gauge-invariant black hole entropy formula which includes the first order corrections in $\alpha’$. Part II is devoted to the study of dynamical aspects of black holes, motivated from different contexts such as higher-derivative gravity theories, the AdS/CFT correspondence and gravitational wave physics. In particular, we obtain new rotating black hole solutions in Einsteinian Cubic Gravity, investigate the role of the NUT charge in the gravitational quasinormal spectrum of planar black holes in AdS and study the gravitational polarisability of asymptotically flat, charged black holes, encoded in the tidal Love numbers.   


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David Pereñíguez PhD