Type IIB parabolic (p,q)-strings from M2-branes with fluxes

June 1, 2023
12:00pm to 1:15pm

Grey Room 1

Specialist level
Camilo las Heras

Grey Room 1


Camilo will present the following paper (https://arxiv.org/abs/2201.04896):

Type IIB parabolic (p,q)-strings from M2-branes with fluxes, Maria Pilar Garcia del Moral, Camilo las Heras, Alvaro Restuccia.

Abstract: We extend the work of Schwarz to show that bound states of type IIB supersymmetric (p,q)-strings on a circle are associated with M2-branes irreducibly wrapped on a torus, or equivalently, with nontrivial worldvolume fluxes. Beyond this extension, we consider the Hamiltonian of an M2-brane with fluxes formulated on a symplectic torus bundle with monodromy. In particular, we analyze the relevant case when the monodromy is parabolic. We show that the Hamiltonian is defined in terms of the coinvariant module. We also find that the mass operator is invariant under transformations between inequivalent coinvariants. These coinvariants classify the inequivalent classes of twisted torus bundles with nontrivial monodromy for a given flux. We obtain their associated (p,q)-strings via double domensional reduction, which are invariant under a parabolic subgroup of SL(2,Q). This is the origin of the gauge symmetry of the associated gauged supergravity. These bound states could also be related to the parabolic Scherk-Schwarz reduction of type IIB string theory.