Computing Infrastructures

The IFT has a large infrastructure of high performance scientific computing. Its main computational resource is the Hydra HPC cluster. It also has a rich ecosystem of secondary processing systems and data analysis , symbolic computation , and high performance storage

ICT systems

The IFT has also a rich infrastructure of IT systems for service and support to scientific activities, such as: Web and application servers, cloud storage, video streaming and recording service, virtualization etc ... as well as several management applications developments

Facilities and Rooms

The building houses three general purpose conference rooms, intended mainly as classrooms, with sizes of 30,40 and 50 people, and a Seminar Room with capacity for up to 80 people. There also exists a common special seminar room (for 140 people) and a main hall that holds 270 people. They are all provided with multimedia equipment to enable events to be recorded and streamed.

The IFT also houses a splendid library: The Jorge Juan Library