AdS scale separation and the distance conjecture

Marzo 2, 2023
De 12:00pm hasta 1:15pm

Grey Room 1

Specialist level
Gonzalo Fernández

Grey Room 1


Gonzalo will present the following paper (

AdS scale separation and the distance conjecture, Gary Shiu, Flavio Tonioni, Vincent Van Hemelryck, Thomas Van Riet.

Abstract: It has been argued that orientifold vacua with fluxes in type IIA string theory can achieve moduli stabilisation and arbitrary decoupling between the AdS and KK scales upon sending certain unconstrained RR-flux quanta to infinity. In this paper, we find a novel scalar field in the open-string sector that allows us to interpolate between such IIA vacua that differ in flux quanta and find that the limit of large fluxes is nicely consistent with the distance conjecture. This shows that the massive IIA vacua pass an important Swampland criterion and suggests that scale-separated AdS vacua might not be in the Swampland. Our analysis also naturally suggests a flux analogue of "Reid's fantasy" where flux vacua that differ in quantised flux numbers can be connected through trajectories in open-string field space and not just via singular domain walls.