Digital quantum simulation of gravitational optomechanics with IBM quantum computers

Mayo 8, 2024
De 11:30am hasta 12:30pm

Grey Room 2 (TBC)

Specialist level
Guillermo Carmona

Grey Room 2 (TBC)


We showcase the digital quantum simulation of the action of a Hamiltonian that governs the interaction between a quantum mechanical oscillator and an optical field, generating quantum entanglement between them via gravitational effects. This is achieved by making use of a boson-qubit mapping protocol and a digital gate decomposition that allow us to run the simulations in the quantum computers available in the IBM Quantum platform. We present the obtained results for the fidelity of the experiment in two different quantum computers, after applying error mitigation and post-selection techniques. The achieved results correspond to fidelities over 90%, which indicates that we were able to perform a faithful digital quantum simulation of the interaction and therefore of the generation of quantum entanglement by gravitational means in optomechanical systems.