The Halo-Galaxy connection from the Large Scale Structure of the Universe

Septiembre 15, 2017
De 12:00pm hasta 2:00pm

Sala de Grados. Módulo 8. Facultad de Ciencias

Specialist level
Sergio Adrián Rodríguez Torres

Sala de Grados. Módulo 8. Facultad de Ciencias


Large-scale structure is one of the most important fields in cosmology. It allows us to study the evolution of the Universe using the distribution of galaxies on the sky. Different surveys have been designed to measure different populations of galaxies and quasars in order to learn about the dark components of the Universe. In this thesis I present the results of three papers which analyse different topics of the Baryon Oscillations Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) and the extend Baryon oscillations spectroscopic Survey (eBOSS) from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey program. In the first part, I will present a study of the distribution of Luminous Red Galaxies at redshift ~0.5, finding excellent agreement between the predictions of the model, which is based on the BigMultiDark Planck simulation, and observations.  In the second paper, I will show the different steps followed to construct the MultiDark-Patchy mocks, which were used to produce the covariance matrices for the analysis of the BOSS Data Release 11 and 12. Finally, with the third paper I will describe the model and its results used to analyse the clustering of the Year One of Quasars from eBOSS.