November 18th, LGBTIAQ+ in STEM day

November 18th, LGBTIAQ+ in STEM day
  • It is critical to raise awareness about LGBTIAQ+ people in STEM and create more safer, inclusive spaces in academia.

A 2013 survey of STEM workers found that more than 40% of LGBTIAQ+ identified respondents working in STEM fields are not out to their colleagues. A 2014 study of STEM faculty at universities found that 69.2% of ‘out’ faculty members felt uncomfortable in their university department, and that those who were out were 7.2 times more likely to experience exclusionary behavior by colleagues. A 2018 study found that undergraduate sexual minority students were 7% less likely to be retained in STEM compared to switching into a non-STEM program, and 14% less likely to stay in a STEM major if they have had a research experience.

Sources for the studies available at:

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